The Big Bad Wolf Book 1

by 13 Pitch Black Cats

When a mysterious entity grants a man who died a chance to be a hero in another life in a fantasy world, he cannot believe his luck. The one condition: he must fight the demon king if he shows up during his new iteration.

He accepts and…

Wakes in the body of a young female wolf beastkin named Lucia haunted by the memory of orcs ravaging her town. Not the rebirth he was hoping for.

But this new body has its perks as well as its drawbacks. She possesses a hot temper, an incredibly youthful and strong body, and claws. However, the longer he is in this body, the willpower of his former life begins to yield to Lucia’s overwhelming primal instincts.

With the help and magic of an enigmatic female elf at an orphanage, Lucia may have a chance at controlling her violent nature as she contends with this harsh, new alien world.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery

The Big Bad Wolf Book 2

by 13 Pitch Black Cats

Lucia can’t ignore it any longer. Growing up as an orphan, Lucia must deal with her future. After learning she’s hit puberty, she’s determined to prove herself and win as much freedom for herself as possible.

She decides to compete in a tournament to become a knight, an achievement that no beastkin has ever attained before. But Lucia struggles to adjust to her growing beastkin instincts as she fights for recognition and respect. Her primal urges threaten to consume her, jeopardizing her chances of winning the tournament.

But a dangerous cult of demon worshipers is plotting something for the tournament. The king’s advisor plans to counter their plot. But when plans collide, chaos ensues, and Lucia is left fighting for her life and for those around her.

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