The Big Bad Wolf: Book 1: Blood (A Fantasy Reincarnation Isekai Light Novel)

by 13 Pitch Black Cats

When a mysterious entity grants a man who died a chance to be a hero in another life in a fantasy world, he cannot believe his luck. The one condition: he must fight the demon king if he shows up during his new iteration.
He accepts and wakes in the body of a young female wolf beastkin named Lucia haunted by the memory of orcs ravaging her town. Not the rebirth he was hoping for.
This Royal Road alumnus is a unique reincarnation fantasy adventure featuring plenty of action, twists, and memorable characters that takes place during the hero’s rebirthed childhood rather than glossing over it like most books in the genre. This exciting isekai story with its female lead will transport you to a lush new world filled with fantastical races, unforeseen danger, and powerful magic you won’t soon forget.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age