The Apples of Idunn

by Matt Larkin

Only a fool would venture into the freezing mists that steal the souls of men.

And that’s exactly where Odin is going. When a frost giant murders his father, Odin swears blood vengeance.

Guided by his blood-brother Loki, Odin will stop at nothing to avenge his father’s murder.

His quest leads him to a chance at immortality. But the price may be more than he can imagine.

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends

The Mists of Niflheim

by Matt Larkin

Darkness lurks behind the mist.

Idunn’s apples made Odin the god-king of his land. Now she calls upon him to overthrow her people—the gods he long worshipped.

Mist-worshipping sorcerers stand in his way, unleashing draugar, trolls, and all the horrors of Hel.

If Odin falters beneath the onslaught, his civilization will vanish into the mists …

Previously $4.99