The Age of Submission (Part Two of the Five-Part Serial From Parts Unknown)

by George Sirois

Just when the American people thought that the action inside the ring of the Championship Gladiators League couldn’t get any more exciting, weapons have been authorized during matches. But no matter how dangerous this sport will be, Stephen Barker sees it as a path to provide a greater life for his wife and child and all he wants is a chance to get in the ring and face some of the most despised Warriors in the CGL like Togar or Vornakai.

Current World Champion Kyle Flyte sees the weapons authorization as a dangerous new direction, but he has no idea that Vornakai has something even worse in mind that can change the course of the CGL, as well as the entire nation.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian

Loser Leaves Town (Part Three of the Five-Part Serial From Parts Unknown)

by George Sirois

After only two matches, the impact of the living weapon known as Submission is felt throughout the Gladiatorial Combat League. Vornakai’s experiment has exceeded expectations, but he has a much bigger prize in mind. He wants the GCL World Championship that is still around the waist of Kyle Flyte.

Kyle is horrified to see the GCL going in a direction that endangers his fellow Warriors, and the only way to stabilize this company is to challenge Submission himself and put everything he has – his title, his career, his life – on the line.

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