The Age of Heroes

by Mikhail Gladkikh

The great human empires of the Bronze Age are locked in everlasting confrontation, with control of the Mediterranean as the coveted prize. Echelaos, prince of Pylos, prepares to wage war against treacherous Trojans to restore his honor and return his bride-to-be, Helen of Hatti. Ninurta-apal-Ekur, king of Assyria, follows the gods to conquer the neighboring tribes, while in Egypt, Khay, a grave robber, awakens the ancient evil.
Meanwhile, the commander of an alien expedition that has arrived to study Earth faces a difficult decision about whether or not to interfere in these terrestrial matters. The expedition members reveal polar opinions, threatening to shape the future of humanity according to their own vision.
Suddenly, all beings must proceed with extreme caution. Because alliances are fragile, betrayals are common, the great collapse has begun, and the new age is nigh.

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Category: Science Fiction – Alternative History