The Adventures of Wil Calder: A Space Opera Adventure

by John Wilker

Wil Calder through no fault of his own, get’s shanghai’d by alien pirates. That was a while ago though.
Now he’s a smuggler with a ship of his own, just trying to get by.
He finds himself a crew of random misfits, and despite his mental picture of what being a Captain with a crew, everything goes sideways.
This group of misfits finds themselves in the middle of a galactic conspiracy, and they’re the only ones who can expose it. If they live that long, and that’s in no way guaranteed.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

Big Ship, Lots of Guns

by John Wilker

Wil and the crew thought their lives would be normal after literally saving the Commonwealth. Ok, saving is a bit of an exaggeration, but still.

When an old Friend of Zephyr’s calls to hire the team, no one thinks anything of it.
Eventually they’ll learn.

They find themselves exploring a millennia old space ship run by a malevolent artificial intelligence that represents a hive mind entity bent on wiping out biological life.

Back to saving the galaxy. Too bad it doesn’t pay better.

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