The Adventures of Devcalion

by Michael Lynes

The COMPLETE Blood Series -Smart Sexy Fantasy! Over 1000 pages of Swords ACTION and Magic! All three books plus the Prequel – “It’s in the Blood” – Book 1 “Destroyer’s Blood” – Book 2 “First Blood” and Book 3 “Time for Blood” all together in one eBook.

From Book 1: Blood is mightier than the Sword
Dev is a Master Thief, the son of Prometheus, and a bad-boy with a talking magic sword called Betrayer.
Newly named the Protector of Men by his Titan father, he and Tray prefer to stay far away from Olympus and the squabbles of the Gods. That is until Hermes interrupts them as they climb up Half-Dome with an urgent summons from Zeus.
Before he can finish, his body is torn to shreds by their Enemy. . .the DESTROYER.
Find out what happens next – read DESTROYER’s Blood. . .Book 1 of The Blood Series: A Fantasy Novel by Michael Lynes

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