The Acolytes of Eternity

by Paul Polakis

Four half-siblings, all sired by charismatic guru are mysteriously draw together to form Ankh, a Biotech company focused on aging. Ankh’s principal operators develop an affordable therapy that can arrest aging. Clinical testing in humans proves safe and the public falls over itself to receive the Daur Protocol.

Ethan, a young engineer, has serious reservations about Ankh. He arranges an interview with Sandy, the last to join Ankh’s Operating Committee. They date, but she blows up when he informs her that Ankh’s immense computational power is all directed toward a signal client housed in the inaccessible Pylon Building.

Pylon operates a Metaverse that Daurs experience though their Opti-IN viewers. It is seductive and highly immersive. But our heroes discover that Pylon is actually a conduit for arriving aliens that they must stop.

Previously $3.99

Category: Science Fiction – Alien Invasion