Tendrils of the Dark

by Hildan Loong

Upon returning from searching for her long-lost betrothed, Salis is shocked to discover that her house has been burned to the ground. Homeless and desperate, she accepts an invitation from the strange owner of a sinister manor, who turns out to be just the man she’s been looking for.

Meanwhile, her friend Trislov, with just two months left to live, has astonishingly discovered a potted plant which craves his blood. Gwennila, the plant, was cursed by exceptionally powerful assassins.

The fates of four young sorcerers are interwoven with power struggles, friendship, and romance. Gwennila attempts to find a magical remedy for Trislov’s illness while freeing herself from her curse. Trislov attempts to takes the throne with his profound knowledge and political insight, while Salis and her love seek revenge on their enemies.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery