Talwan’s Vengeance

by Christy Newman

Swashbuckling paranormal filled with adventure, pirates, magic, mystery, and mayhem. This first book in the Turn of the Tides series begins the saga of two orphaned brothers who are separated when the younger is sold by the sirotište to a rich abusive slave owner. The remaining brother, Loslin, is Gifted with enormous powers which develop enough for him to lead an escape and take a pirate’s ship.

His goal is to rescue his brother, West, and put an end to the injustice dealt to the downtrodden, orphans, and widows by the sinister King Mathis. Along the way, he and his teen crew are pursued by an admiral of the king’s navy who possesses a secret scroll which holds the brothers’ destiny. Full of adventures, peril, good deeds, and surprises, Talwan’s Vengeance is a fun read.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure