Tales of Haroon Books 1-3

by Alice Sabo

High Barrens
Flint thought that life on the frontier, with six brothers, would prepare her for anything. Until she met a monster. Her strictly planned path took a wild detour of wizards and magic showing her a very different future than she had imagined.

Chance had always been able to sense the wrongness and rightness in the world. And sometimes that knowing got him into a lot of trouble. When monsters and magic invade his simple life, Chance has to use his inborn abilities to save the kingdom.

Shattered Landing
Sylvie is the soul seeker for a village by the Great Sea. She makes sure that the fishermen make it home regardless of storms or accidents. When a stranger arrives in a boat propelled by magic, her life is upended. The barriers between worlds are thinning and they need her skills to stop a flood of lethal creatures from breaking through.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age