by Matthew C Woodruff

Wildly imagined worlds, powerfully drawn realistic characters, and an unsettling portrayal of various happenings in the characters’ lives.

Merging the profound emotions of joy, fear, loss, love, foreboding, and incomprehension, these twelve dark fantasy stories are set around particular holidays of the year – but you won’t see them on the Hallmark Channel!

Some stories are funny with lighter moments but the major chunk is dark and chillingly unsettling, examining the depth of the fear in the human mind, and that’s what stays at the heart of the book’s theme.

The powerful illustrations perfectly match the collection’s ominous mood, making an immediate impact on readers’ minds. This haunting collection draws on the deepest emotions of love, grief, fear, foreboding, and hope and will stay at readers’ minds long after they finish the book.

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Category: Dark Fantasy