Survivors: 6 Dystopian Novels

by Daniel Arenson, Edward W. Robertson, Adam Dreece, et al

Dystopian fiction at its most thrilling and suspenseful! Devastating wars. Over-crowded cities. Plagues, poverty, and police-states. Has the world ended with a bang or a whimper? Find out in this collection of stunning dystopian science fiction novels.

This thrilling read with over 500 5-star reviews for the individual books includes:

* FLAMING DOVE – Daniel Arenson
* DEFINING DIANA (The Steele Chronicles – Book 1) – Hayden Trenholm
* BLIGHT OF EXILES (Helix – Book 1) – Pat Flewwelling
* THE MAN OF CLOUD 9 – Adam Dreece
* THE SOUL WITHIN – Rebecca M. Senese
* BREAKERS (Breakers – Book 1) – Edward W. Robertson

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