Sunrise & Blood

by R.E. Fisher

Kidnapped as a child and sold into slavery, On’risa is determined not to be ruled by her past. Rising from slave to become the Captain of the Ag’ita. When she’s betrayed by the leaders of her house, she leads a mutiny. Plying her new trade as a pirate, she utilizes her best tools—her mind and her sword. Using their own stolen ship against them, she travels the seas of the Rohrlands, raiding villages and trading ships, plundering their wares, and selling them on Falk Isle.

Empress, Sisci’ta, covets Falk Isle, wishing to launch a war against Kaloriador. She will stop at nothing to have it.

Forced to become a defender of the innocents living on Falk Isle along with her bloodthirsty and cutthroat companions, On’risa struggles to balance her own needs and desires with those she has chosen to defend. Can she achieve what she desires without losing all she’s gained?

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery