Strange Tidings

by Jim Stein

The apocalypse didn’t arrive with nuclear war or a plague of zombies, just a quiet virus that sterilized most everyone and put humanity’s future in jeopardy. Fifty years later, seventeen-year-old Ed Johnson plies his musical talents in New Philadelphia, jumping at the chance to help launch a coworker’s band. But Quinn, their beautiful bassist, is inexplicably cold toward him, and other strange things are afoot.

In spite of a growing unease, Ed shrugs off being stalked by a crazy, old Native American and a frightening crone. But when nightmare creatures threaten his sister, Ed discovers he is bound to the strangers. To get out of this mess, he must enlist the help of his friends and Quinn, who harbors her own dark secret.

But there is little time for Ed to discover the true power of music and save them, himself, and perhaps the future of the human race.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Strange Omens

by Jim Stein

Recent months in New Philadelphia have been pleasantly monster-free, allowing Ed to focus on launching the band’s new album. Music brought hope, something the world’s dwindling population desperately needed. But when a mysterious promotion company sends the A-Chords on tour and the audience splits into opposing factions, it’s clear that gods and dark forces are once again meddling.

As Ed’s command of music and magic grows, an arrogant goddess decrees he must not interfere. But Ed connects with the band’s free-spirited groupies and vows to keep them safe. These happy, bright people could be the salvation of the human race, yet are being drawn in like sheep. Something stalks the tour, and evil lurks in the heart of Old Milwaukee.

Ed and his friends find themselves outnumbered and outmaneuvered, but an improbable friendship just might be the key to their survival.

Previously $3.99