Stone’s Throw

by Chelsea Gaither

When Senator Todd Bembridge campaigned against the Rights of Magical Persons Act, every Witch, Vampire, Faerie and “Other” on the census developed a motive for murder. Too bad Astrid Stone is paid to keep him alive.

As an Agent of the Corpus Christi, Texas branch of Terrestrial Affairs, she’s used to handling trouble. After a week of networking vampires to rehabs and soothing angry ghosts, standing between a politician and his magical stalker feels almost like a vacation. She didn’t vote for the guy, but she’ll keep him breathing. Especially when the detail comes with distractingly interesting FBI Agent David Acton.

But then the stalker makes their move. Now Astrid is trapped in a ritualistic game to the death, and the stakes are higher than anyone can imagine. Separated from her team, Astrid must out-think a desperate mage before all of Corpus Christi pays the price…

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban