Stars Like Cold Fire

by Jake Elwood

Jeff Yi just wants to get through officer training and see the galaxy as a junior lieutenant in the Wukan Navy. He wants nothing to do with the legacy of his famous father – but an assassination attempt shows him his family history can’t be ignored.
The only way the admiralty can keep him safe is to send him into deep space, in command of a tiny stealth ship. The crew resents him. They think he’s been promoted far beyond his abilities.
They’re right.
But war is brewing, and a certain worn-out stealth ship will be right in the thick of it. The hammer is about to come down, and Jeff and his crew are going to find out if they’ve got what it takes to survive.

Previously $2.99

Category: Science Fiction – Military

Light of a Distant Sun

by Jake Elwood

As the brutal war with Ryland grinds on, Jeff Yi has a new mission. He’s to take a tiny stealth ship and go deep behind enemy lines, wreaking havoc where the enemy feels safest. He won’t have a chance in a stand-up fight with a real warship. Secrecy and surprise are his only chance.
But Ryland is not the only threat. There are elements in his own Navy who want to see Jeff die. His mission compromised before it even begins, he heads into enemy space, knowing he’ll have to outwit enemies on both sides if he wants to survive. He knows he’s been betrayed, but he has no idea how deep the treachery runs ….

Previously $3.99