by John Noble

Devon had planned for a bad day. He’d said goodbye to his friends, his school… Planet Earth. Then his little sister lost her necklace, he tried to impress a cute girl, and – BOOM!


Now his ears are ringing, there’s a very disturbing hole in his arm, and from the look on her face, Melissa is not impressed. Oh yeah, that and the Chinese are plotting to destroy Medea Station.

Fortunately, he and Melissa have a new friend. Her name’s Kristina, and she’s with the CIA, so they’re fine. Granted, she did tranquilize a bunch of people, and she’s been un-ashamedly using them, but that’s what the CIA does… right?

At least he and Melissa are really connecting. Turns out staying alive is a great conversation starter. Add in getting vacuumed into space, kidnapping, blackmail, hand grenades…

Suffice to say they’ll have lots to talk about later.
Assuming there is a later.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure