Star Forged

by Justin Sloan

A space colonization mission goes wrong, waking a long-ago forgotten evil.

Gunnery Sergeant Trent Helms wanted to be among the first Marines through the gateway to the stars. But as they say, no plan survives first contact. There was definitely no plan to become the key player in battling for survival against the deadliest threat ever known.

Corporal Espinoza and his fellow Marines are attacked as they go through, separated from Trent and left stranded on an alien planet. Faced with sandworms and an enemy ship not far off, will they survive long enough to send a distress signal and establish a base of operations?

Intel Agent Shrina Collins will do whatever it takes to stop the invaders and find her sister. Will her risky enhancement procedure be enough when she faces off against a new, genetically-engineered threat?

It’s up to our heroes to save the universe or watch it burn.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera