Spellcaster Academy: Magical Realism

by Jenetta Penner

Seventeen-year-old Josy Barrows grew up an orphan.
So, when opportunity knocks from a mysterious aunt, Josy and her cat, Nine, pack their bags to start new life.
If only it were that easy…
There’s no aunt, no house… just a weird little junk shop hidden down a dark alley. But when Josy explores the dusty store room in the back, things get even weirder. A magical door whisks her away…
Now Josy finds herself enrolled at the secret Borealis Academy of Magical Arts…and somehow, her cat Nine now talks!
Josy’s magical problems are only just beginning. Unless she can get her mystic abilities up to snuff, Josy will be expelled from her new home. But how can she do that, when her aloof-but-hot spellcasting tutor won’t even give her the time of day?
Just when she thinks her situation can’t get any worse, she discoverers dark secrets about her past that could destroy everything.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban