Spectral Detective

by David Bussell

What happens when an exorcist who spent a lifetime banishing ghosts gets murdered and becomes one?
When Jake Fletcher died he discovered a horrible truth: the method he was using to send souls to the afterlife wasn’t transporting them to a better place.

It was obliterating them.

To atone for his mortal sins he becomes a spectral detective: a phantom PI who helps restless spirits depart the mortal plane by bringing their killers to justice.

His latest job is no open-and-shut case, though. The ghost of a dead celebrity needs his help to cross to the other side, but for that to happen, Jake will have to reckon with a cabal of sinister magicians and a soul-hungry demon.

To complicate matters further, a minion of God has informed Jake that if he doesn’t succeed in his task, he’ll face arbitration at the pearly gates.

And he won’t be getting a halo hung on his head.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban