Spark City

by Robert J Power

Erroh has a plan. A simple plan. It’ll never work.

He’s a young warrior destined for a life of duty and tradition. By birth-right, the mysterious trials of The Cull await him; a chance to win the greatest prize Spark City can offer. However, he’d rather spend his days drinking, gambling and travelling the roads as a solitary wanderer.

But war is on the horizon and although he doesn’t know it yet, Erroh is standing in the way of the first wave.

Across great distances and facing brutal obstacles, he will call upon the warrior within to hunt down those who endanger the world he once rejected.

And he won’t be alone.

Spark City is the first book in Power’s #1 bestselling coming of age fantasy adventure, perfect for fans of David Gemmell and Joe Abercrombie.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery

The March of Magnus

by Robert J Power

He’s lethal with a sword. She’s deadly with her bow. But will it be enough in the coming war?

Erroh must return to Spark City to warn of the approaching army. Growing ever stronger, the reluctant warrior and his fierce companion must elude bandits and soldiers in a mad dash against time.

Across the map his father, Magnus, rallies his troops to march for the first time in two decades as he seeks to avenge his son, presumed dead.

But with unrest and injustice exploding within Spark City, and their foes marching towards its gates, they may already be too late.

The Spark City Cycle continues with The March of Magnus; the eagerly awaited sequel to #1 bestselling Spark City, from top fantasy author Robert J Power. This epic fantasy adventure is perfect for fans of Brandon Sanderson, David Gemmell or Joe Abercrombie.

Previously $4.99