Space Race: The Complete Series

by Nathan Hystad

The brand-new collection featuring all 3 Space Race novels. Almost 1000 pages of alien invasion, mystery, and sci-fi adventure. Get your copy today!

Arlo Lewis was a famous pilot prodigy, until his grandfather left on an exploratory mission to Proxima and never returned. Now, with a bleak future, he works as a hauler for one of the biggest Primary Corporations.

When the Board calls for the very first Space Race, the CEO of SeaTech lures Arlo to run his team.

What starts out as a race for the rights to mine Proxima, quickly turns into something far more sinister, with intergalactic ramifications.

War is coming, and it’s up to Arlo and his new allies to protect Earth and everyone on it.

Space Race will keep you on the edge of your seat with mysterious twists, evil corporations, and terrible aliens.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure