Space Punks

by Anna Mocikat

Meet the Space Punks—the only ones crazy enough to challenge the Pentad’s supreme power…
David wakes up in a high-security prison on the forsaken Martian moon Deimos with no memory of his past. A chance encounter with Aztec, a deadly purple-haired cyborg, propels him into a daring jailbreak. She brings him on board a mysterious warship manned by the most notorious and badass crew of the galaxy—the Space Punks.

One hundred years ago AI waged a devastating war against its human creators. Humanity won, but barely and at a horrible price. Ever since, the solar system has been strictly controlled by the Pentad, a ruthless coalition of megacorporations.

As David tries to regain his memory, he finds himself fighting battles between mechs, cyborgs, robots and super-soldiers alongside his new brothers and sisters-in-arms.

Previously $2.99

Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera