Sniper Squad

by Meg Buchanan

He’s already torn between his old and new allegiances. When he’s forced to choose one or the other. Which way will he go? Will he choose his new life or his old friends? …
New Zealand, 2052. Twenty-old Jack Fraser is now a highly trained sniper with Vector. But he’s playing a dangerous game passing information on to the Resistance. And he’s not sure whether the path he’s on is the right one. He admires his commanding officer but he’s doing everything he can to bring him down…

Then his squad is sent on a mission. Two suspected terrorists are trapped in an underground carpark. It’s his job to flush the terrorists out and capture them for interrogation. But in the carpark he doesn’t find terrorists, he finds Ela the girl he’s in love with and Nik, his best friend he was tricked into believing died saving him.

Can Jack save Ela and Nick without betraying himself?

Previously $3.99

Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian