by Eric Warren

They took her future. Now it’s her turn.

24-year-old Arista Barnes has a problem: her parents are going to die soon.
In fact, she knows the day, hour and minute they will perish. Because they are machines, and like all machines, they have a pre-determined lifespan.
But Arista has a plan.
All she needs to do is find two new bodies for them. Easier said than done.
Finding new bodies means inserting herself into machine society: where everyone looks human, but no one is. No one, except her.
And something strange happens when she’s around the machines; she can’t quite explain it. But they become more like her and disconnect from the great machine intelligence known as the Cadre.
Now, she must take the ultimate chance to preserve the only family she’s ever known.

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Category: Science Fiction – Cyberpunk