Silicon Dawn

by W. H. Massa

Can a machine understand the mind of a madman?

The near future. Robots have become part of everyday society. The bots are everywhere. Doesn’t mean Detective Jane Malveaux must like it. Or feel that her new android partner is qualified to catch the serial killer terrorizing her city.

After all, you must be human to know what makes a killer tick. Or do you now?

Because Malveaux’s new partner isn’t like any machine she’s ever met before.
And neither is the brilliant murderer they are hunting.

A case that will test both man and machine.

Previously $2.99

Category: Science Fiction – Cyberpunk


Silicon Man

by W.H. Massa

Would you give up your humanity to save all of humanity?

Cole Marsalis hunts rogue AIs for a living. He doesn’t consider it work. It’s a calling. And he is about to embark on his most dangerous job yet–the ultimate undercover assignment.

The objective: Infiltrate the robot rebellion.
The mission details: Upload your mind into a robot body. Sacrifice your humanity. Become that which you hate the most… A machine.

The battle for mankind’s future begins now!

Previously $2.99