Shifting Magic

by Dawn Jones and Other Authors

Shifting Magic cross-pollinates Shifter & Mages, Sci-Fi Fantasy, and Paranormal Romance under the anthology umbrella, allowing readers to experience new work in our writer showcase with unique, original, and creative stories. Our heroines and heroes are often fraught with twists, turns, and harrowing experiences, but in the end, our readers crave the Happily Ever After ending.

Discover enchanted worlds, powerful shifters & mages, hidden secrets, and steamy romantic trysts await.

Paragons of Paranormal: NYT, USA Today bestselling and award winning authors, D.F. Jones, Ana Morgan, ID Johnson, Tia Didmon, Brenda Trim, Maggie Adams, Margo Bond Collins, and Maria Vickers

Soul Love by USA Today bestselling author, D.F. Jones
The Talent Test by Ana Morgan
He’s a Rogue and My Mate by ID Johnson (Based on She’s My Beta and My Mate)
Devil’s Magic by USA Today bestselling author

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Category: Fantasy – Anthologies & Short Stories