Shadows of Darkness

by Kate Jones

You can’t run from your destiny…
You can’t hide from the truth…
Charley just wants to avoid the school bullies… Destiny has other plans for her, plans that are likely to get her killed.
When she loses everything to the forces of the Dark Master, she has no choice but to follow Violet into a strange world and a life that is as far removed from “normal” as it can get.
In order for the Light to be restored to Elorysia, they must defeat Moloch, the Dark Master, but unless Charley learns to believe in magic, and in herself, she will never fulfill her destiny and restore the balance of Light and Dark.
The consequences of that are unthinkable.
All she has are her father’s crystal, Violet’s belief in her, the words of an ancient prophesy and her heritage.
Whether that will be enough seems doubtful but Destiny cannot be ignored and Charley has no choice but to try.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age