Seer Wars Season One: A New Earth (Part I)

by JC Andrijeski

River Cleopatra Jones just finished a movie shoot in Hollywood, California, when she’s abducted by surly, uncommunicative space pirate, Valek Targen. After scaring her, blowing a hole through the middle of her ex-boyfriend, and unceremoniously knocking her out, he informs River her “real” family hired him to bring her back. River’s maybe not as surprised by the news as she should be. Plagued by strange dreams and psychic since childhood, she suffered through foster homes and adoption before finally being rescued by her friend, Mal, who hired and trained her as a stuntwoman. Now, as River struggles to adjust to an alien, overtly hostile and, at times, disturbingly familiar-feeling world, she fights constantly with her even more hostile and intractable guardian and captor, Valek, who harbors dark secrets of his own.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera