Secrets of the Elders

by D. M. Almond

All they wanted to do was save the kingdom…

Now Logan Walker finds himself on the run for a murder he did not commit.

Corbin Walker has been charged with capturing his fugitive brother and bringing him to justice.

Elise Ivarone has been thrust into the role as village leader during dark times. She will give everything to keep her people united and shelter them from the coming storm.

Together they will be forever changed as they uncover the lies, deception, and brutality of their world.

And So the Fourth Age of Acadia begins…

Ages long past, forced to abandon the surface, mankind descended inside the core of their planet, fleeing an impending xenocide at the hands of the mighty jotnar invaders. There they built a new homeland among the deep forests and wide caverns of Vanidriell, under the light of the Great Crystal Baetylus.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic