by Elvo Fortunato Bucci

What price would you pay to live longer – much longer? In this captivating science fiction thriller, a struggling pharmaceutical firm invents a genetic engineering treatment that can give people the one thing they want most – longer living. But the firm is running out of time and short on money. But then a reclusive tycoon appears and makes the firm the deal of a lifetime. The CEO accepts the offer and puts everything he has at risk. After a whirlwind clinical trial, the product is distributed globally. It works beyond belief and changes the world. Everything the CEO had dreamed of is coming true. Until a unique genetic trait of the product that had been kept hidden by the tycoon is discovered. Now the world faces the greatest human tragedy ever. Can the CEO undo the travesty? In the end, one decision remains in this sci-fi technothriller: is living worth more than life itself?

Previously $4.99

Category: Science Fiction – Genetic Engineering