Sarah’s Inheritance

by Katherine Kim

Sarah just wanted to get away from her overbearing mother and live her own life.

When Sarah Richards’ grandmother dies and leaves her a house all the way across the country from her mother, she takes the next available flight. She was well past old enough to live her own life, now she just needs to discover what she wants to be. When she gets to the house in Los Gatos, however, she learns that she inherited much more than just a house from Gran.

Now Sarah must come to terms with two men who claim that they’re not exactly human, Gran’s witchy business partner, shadow monsters that come out after dark to hunt new victims, and her own newly discovered magic. And her mother has just bought airplane tickets to California.

Will Sarah decide it’s all too much and return to New York, or will she stay and fight for her place in this new, hidden world she discovered in Los Gatos?

Previously $4.99

Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban