Sand and Storm

by Stella Dorthwany

In a world where magic permeates the air, the wrong storm will shatter the planet.

When junior mage and burglar Faryn lands a job with archaeologist Shaun Valerian—famous for edgy magic and breaking hearts—she thinks her career is made. But at their desert dig, Faryn finds she hasn’t been recruited to excavate dragon tombs. High above the sands looms a storm so massive it could destroy the world’s magic. Only a lost super weapon can stop the cataclysm, and only Faryn can rob the temple that hides it.

Also drafted into the expedition is new bride Cora. Smothering inside her loveless marriage, Cora has no interest in legends, until the desert’s enchantment infiltrates the magical bond that ties her to her husband. The rogue magic awakens Cora’s own latent talent—a fatal power forbidden for centuries. It could kill her, but it may be the only way to unlock the legendary weapon.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic