Saint Dorian and the Witch

by Michael Raship

The rumors say that a saint is walking the earth, a boy named Dorian whose flute can work miracles. When tales of Dorian reach the remote mountain monastery where the young monk Bartholomew serves in the honored position of librarian, he puts all his faith in vague rumors and leaves the only home he has ever known in order to serve the child saint. With Dorian’s enemies in pursuit, he makes a bargain with a gifted witch girl who promises to keep him safe in exchange for obscure facts of natural science and philosophy that only a librarian would know. Yet when Bartholomew reaches his journey’s end and is about to play his part in Dorian’s grand designs, it suddenly seems to him that his proper place is on the other side, as an ally to the child saint’s enemies and as a rebel against heaven.

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Category: Fantasy – Metaphysical & Visionary