Ruins on Stone Hill

by F. P. Spirit

Four young heroes. A dark secret. A town facing a fate worse than death.

Glolindir thought magic was easy until he came face-to-face with his first real monster. He would not have survived without his new-found friends: Lloyd, the young spiritblade as talented as he is reckless. Seth, the mysterious halfling whose knives are nearly as sharp as his tongue. Aksel, the young orphan gnome whose very touch can heal.

Unfortunately for them, things were about to get far more dangerous.

After one hundred and fifty years of peace, the darkness has begun to stir around the little town of Ravenford. Bandits to the west, monsters to the north, and an eerie force in the ancient ruins to the south. Can these youths overcome impossible odds to save Ravenford from a fate worse than death?

Previously $2.99

Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age

Serpent Cult

by F. P. Spirit

A dark cult. A deadly monster. A town caught in between.

The danger was far worse than anyone imagined. A cult of the blackest magic has set its sights on the little town of Ravenford. With an army of dark creatures at their disposal, the entire town might fall. To make matters worse, a terrifying “sea monster” is sinking ships just off the coast.

Now Glolindir and company must protect the town from two deadly threats. From the depths of the sea to the spires of Ravenford keep, the young heroes follow a twisted trail of intrigue and death.

Can they save Ravenford from an entire army, a giant monster, and perhaps worst of all, diplomatic officials?

Previously $3.99