Rocket Repo

by C.P. James

Rocket Repo begins the story of a down-and-out pilot, the alien in his head, and the salvage crew doing their level best to save the galaxy.

After working for shady people his whole life, all Geddy Starheart wanted was a fresh start. But after causing the industrial accident that forced the evacuation of Earth 2, it felt more like an ending. That’s when he met Eli, a microscopic alien who started living rent-free in his head. The only way to get him out was to build a ship capable of making the journey back to his mysterious home world.

When the ship disappears, Geddy and Eli join forces with the crew of the For Sale Make Offer, a rickety old trawler they call Fizmo. Together, they set out to find Geddy’s missing ship. But each zany adventure draws them deeper into an eons-old conspiracy to end all intelligent life in the universe, which technically includes them.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera