Rise of the New Crown: The Kingdoms’ Oath Book 1

by Shevy Castle

Centuries ago, peace united the three kingdoms of Pflanzatar, Amenschen, and Gemwaith. Unfortunately, betrayal lurks in Gemwaith, and the remaining kingdoms therefore shunned it as they strengthened their own alliance.
Prince Andrew of Pflanzatar and Lady Debra of Amenschen are arranged to wed to strengthen the bonds of their respective kingdoms. However, neither the Prince nor the Lady want to go forth with the marriage. Meanwhile, Gemwaith plans revenge on the other two kingdoms, conscripting the hunter Casper, who vehemently opposes their motives.
Now that war is on the horizon, can these three individuals help turn the tide for the better or for the worse? Is peace still attainable for the three kingdoms or will the lands be steeped in destruction and demise?

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Category: Fantasy – Epic