Rise of the Dragon Riders

by Ava Richardson

Knowledge of the Dragon Tongue was lost ages ago. But little did Cora know, the stories she learned at her grandmother’s knee are the key to understanding this ancient language. And when she encounters a dragon, Alaric, she’s shocked to discover they can communicate.

When Onyx, a dark sorcerer king, senses their growing bond, Cora and Alaric ignite a rebellion. Together, they strive to unite dragons and humans using the power of the Dragon Tongue. But Onyx is not the only evil in the kingdom….

A mysterious sickness ravages the land, causing dragons and their riders to fall into a never-ending sleep. To defeat it, Cora and Alaric must join all Tenegardian magic together, and unearth the core of the bond between dragons and their riders. But such power carries a great risk…

And protecting the kingdom may cost Cora everything…

Enjoy this six book boxset.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic