Rise of the Brotherhood

by Jeff Gunzel

Sillavana—half human, half ixolae—was just a child when they came and slaughtered her people. The Brotherhood considered her to be an abomination. How could such a thing be left to live?

There was just one problem. She escaped unnoticed… Now alone in the world, she must do anything she can to survive.

Jemaex had a perfect life. The son of a rich merchant, his life should have been easy. Swindling coin from common folk was fine for his father, but he dreamed of a different life. More than anything he wanted to study magic, and he was willing to give up everything in order to fulfill that dream.

And then he met Sillavana…
And his life was turned upside down…

Now that he knows that Sillavana is being hunted by the most powerful entity the realm has ever known, what should he do? Is helping her survive the noble thing to do, or just suicide?

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Category: Fantasy – Epic