Ripped Genes

by Wendy Gamble

A spaceship on a vital medical mission.
An alien who shouldn’t exist.
An Ambassador charged with extracting secrets from strange new people.
Mission specialists on research ship Chiron seek a cure for Earth’s strange alien pandemic. When they follow clues to deep space, they must deal with foes, weird wildlife, and science gone awry.
Ambassador O’Bien leads a pulse-pounding planetary adventure to forge relationships with aliens who might have answers. Captain Walsh falls back on his military prowess to deal with trouble. Martial artist and top gun security-head uses mind and body to battle ships, aliens, and his own dark beasts. The inventor of the dangerous deep space engine’s love for someone not quite dead makes her almost alive again. Through it all, a secretive few fervently pursue their own human enhancement agendas as they get one step closer to curing Earth’s alien pandemic.

Previously $3.99

Category: Science Fiction – Genetic Engineering