Rim City Blues

by Elliott Scott

Killer robots. Unanswered questions. Chocolate. Post-apocalyptic detective Felix Lasko is desperate to reach the high-tech city Neotopia. He’ll race through a brothel-ship wedged into a cliffside, laser fire, and take on a gang of violent criminals. All while avoiding instant death by a deadly piece of Tek known only as the scream Ray. This action-packed sci-fi thriller will please fans of Altered Carbon, The Dresden Files, and anyone looking for a fast paced fun read with a splash of humor. Over 50 5-star ratings! “Captivating and imaginative story. An enthralling page turner for sure! Hoping to read more from this author soon. Five stars!” Amazon reviewer. “This book is a an engaging sci fi noir. Reminding of the first book in the expanse. Each chapter feels like it ends on a cliffhanger making you want to read more.” Amazon reviewer.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic