Revelations: The Black Chalice

by Lauretta Hignett

“It’s Good Omens with a Twilight feel…”

My name is Eve, and I’m cursed.

It’s just a theory, but I’m sure I’m cursed. In every other way, I’m a completely normal, ordinary girl. There’s just one thing: Every time I get close to someone, they go crazy and try to kill me.

I’ve been doing okay lately. I even have a normal job – I’m night receptionist at Revelations, the most exclusive, isolated and top-secret hotel resort in the entire world. Only the richest people can afford to stay here, and they’re more interested in themselves than they are in me. It’s beautiful. I feel safe here.

But last night, I had a vivid dream about an angel and a demon. It felt It felt so real, it unsettled me. The angel was the most heartbreakingly handsome thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

I just can’t shake the dream. Which is too bad.

Because the angel just walked into reception.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban