by Andrew Q. Gordon & Carole Cummings

In a world where talent can kill or save, Nathan Duffy’s nearly did both. When a drunk driver T-boned their car, Nathan’s talent saved his best friend, Camilo Almenara and nearly killed himself. Now, after years bottling up his talent, it breaks through. The hallucinations induce intense pain and make him dangerous to everyone around him.

Camilo lives with the guilt he walked away from the accident without a scratch. Since then, he’s taken care of Nathan. Now something is happening to his best friend and Cam can’t help. Desperate, Cam takes Nathan to a friend of his deceased mother who worked on a top secret military project that could be behind Nathan’s condition. A project Cam’s father led.

Colonel Almenara tracks them down and wants to use the personality taking over Nathan’s mind to save him. If the Colonel succeeds, Nathan has a chance at a better life. If not….

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban