Rejuvenation 1

by Byddi Lee

The Melter War left the Earth’s surface devastated, leaving humanity to survive on a small stretch of land between the Scorch Zones & the rising oceans, where towering subscrapers dot the dystopian shore lines.

Bobbie Chan is a doctor caring for the ultra-elderly when she notices a mysterious disease afflicting her patients; they show signs of age reversal before a catastrophic cardiac arrest strikes.

Bobbie begins to wonder if she is witnessing a bio weapon in full force. A Melter attack? Are they destined to finish the war they started?

Belus Corp, the ‘savior’ of humanity during the Melter War whisk the afflicted away; including Bobbie’s grandmother. But Bobbie is terrified. The ‘Rejuvenees’ are getting younger but they are also becoming increasingly aggressive, uncontrollably so.

Bobbie races against time to rescue the Rejuvenees & uncover their true enemy.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian