Recipe X

by M.S. Kaminsky

Divergent meets Top Chef.

A girl living in a society where eating is a crime falls in love with a renegade chef and discovers that life can be delicious.

Surrounded by a wasteland called The Desolation, The Hive is an oasis of health. Doctor Whisper’s customized infusions provide Free Citizens with everything they need—nutrition and protection from pathogens. Eating is forbidden.

Persi discovers that an entire community exists beyond The Desolation. It is a place where meals are celebrations and cooking is the highest art. There she meets a handsome young chef named Noah. He introduces her to the pleasures of food, drink…and love.

However, her sister Myrrhis is back at The Hive. She faces grave punishment for the crimes of her siblings. Ultimately, it will come down to a single life-and death-question: can Persi learn to cook a gourmet meal in time to save her sister and herself?

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian