Reborn in Fire

by Kasey Mackenzie

It sucks to die screaming in fire. Trust me. Now I’ve got to master my Phoenix powers before I’m killed again. Can I trust the sexy stranger who pulled my body out of the ashes? Either way, I’m learning that Fire may burn—but now so do I. Fans of Karen Chance will love this series from an author Chance called a “brilliant talent.”

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Forged from Flame

by Kasey Mackenzie

Plenty people have deadbeat parents, but how many have telepathic fathers who keep showing up to kill them? I already control Fire, but that’s not gonna be enough to stop him. If only I can master my own telepathic abilities, we might stand a chance.

I’m about to show Daddy Dearest he messed with the wrong daughter. Failure’s not an option, because it means that everyone I love will be mind-controlled minions of my father–or dead beyond saving.

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