Reaping Willow (Trappers, Inc. #1)

by D.N. Hoxa

I’m as good as the next girl when it comes to the easy stuff. Killing demons, reading people’s auras, hiding my daddy issues—easy peasy. I’m even good at the hard stuff, like working at a cake shop while staying fit and escaping my mom’s wrath on a daily basis.

But the one thing I always excelled at was not breaking rules.

Until I do.

My dad taught me everything I know before he died. I know his many rules by heart.
Never let a demon escape after he’s seen your face.
Never get caught unprepared.
And never, ever, ever fraternize with the enemy.

Well, Dad, you better take a seat wherever you are, because I’m about to break rules like they’re going out of style.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban