Raptor Ray

by Brent Reilly

The first human spliced with dino DNA learns his geneticist parents helped reverse engineer dinosaurs from ratites, their closest living relatives. Every generation looks less like birds and more like dinos as they get bigger, badder, and less controllable. But mysterious strangers want to exterminate the world’s first dino-boy. Green, lizard-ish, and orphaned, Raptor Ray is on the run while dreaming of an island with dinosaurs who desperately need his help. Meanwhile, the world’s richest man plans to optimize the solar system as interstellar aliens push asteroids into Earth to replace its current occupants. Humanity faces extinction until the world’s most unusual hero claws his way to the top. He’ll need all his killer instincts because an alien annihilation fleet is coming to crush homo sapiens before they reach the stars in this gripping hard science thriller.

Previously $4.99

Category: Science Fiction – Genetic Engineering