Queen of Zazzau

by JS Emuakpor

“Fascinating characters, facts, and folklore.” —Publisher’s Weekly

“War, love, magic and gods, with seriously strong female characters.” —Ragdoll Reads UK

Precolonial West Africa.

“Queen of Zazzau” chronicles the journey of real-life W. African queen, Amina of Zazzau. With foreign invasion imminent, Amina must defend her people, but doing so will set in motion a disastrous cascade of prophesied events.

Fiercely determined, Amina and her people will not be conquered. She journeys to the spirit world and tracks down the God of War. But can she defy prophesy or is her future already written?

Told in the crisp voice of Amina herself, the novel is a refreshing change from the male-hero dominated world of SFF. This tale, with its strong female protagonist and vivid African imagery, appeals to readers of adult Science Fiction and Fantasy.

*Mature content*

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Category: Fantasy – Historical